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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Date 13/52

Rick and I headed out for Date 13 of 52 last night. First we went into Tulsa to go to my son's favorite store to buy him some t-shirts for his Easter basket. The store is called The Refinery. It's a Christian skater store. So cool! We got him two NOTW t-shirts (Not of This World) that he wanted. I highly recommend that if you have a child who likes skateboarding brands like Hurley and Element, you (as a parent) will love this store!

Then we stopped at Toys R Us to get Eli a Mario Brothers action figure pack for his Easter basket. {We had already gotten Brynne a pink Razor scooter for hers}. I plan to get Kyndal some more of her favorite shower gel and then take her to the movies to see The Last Song.

This Easter will be different for us because we are not attending a church. We are thinking about taking our family to see the live production of Resurrection at Victory Christian Center during that weekend. Then on Easter we'll just spend the day together.

Back to our date. After we picked up all of our Easter goodies, we went to a new restaurant {and had the most amazing S'more dessert, after a large meal of course.} It was so yummy!

We spent a lot of time talking about the last year of our marriage and what a wonderful place we are at now. We discussed the hardships and how they have made us stronger. We talked about our future.

The older kids are into watching scary movies, so we stopped at the video store and rented a couple of horror movies, and then The Blindside and Planet 51. We came home and ended the evening watching one of the scary movies with the older kids. The little guys went to bed.

It was another really fun and relaxing evening.

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  1. Sounds like a neat store! Glad to see you still dating. We went on our first 'Great Date'...I loved it! Sounds like you all talk a lot about your relationships...which is a good thing!


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