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Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Apology

Wow! I owe you an apology .. that is if you have ever walked on, sat on, layed on or (God forbid) ever allowed one of your children to play on any of my carpet!

When the kids and I got back from Missouri yesterday, it was obvious that we had not been as diligent in cleaning up puppy potty accidents as we had thought. It was stinky in our house!

A few years ago we had lived in a rental house, while our house was being built, and the doggy occupant before us had generously used the playroom as a bathroom. I owned a Bissell ProHeat carpet steamer, so I ran vinegar through it instead of carpet solution. It worked like a charm. Our house smelled like vinegar for a couple of days, but the doggy urine smell was gone.

My Bissell had an early demise last year, so last night I begged Rick to buy me another one. (By the way, we went on date 11 of 52 last night .. dinner, Lowe's, Walmart, The Dollar Tree, Blockbuster and Brahm's for milk. Don't be jealous.)

Last night after the kids went to bed I cleaned the downstairs carpet areas with the vinegar and water solution.

Our downstairs is primarily stained concrete. We have carpet in the three bedrooms and a large carpet rug in our living room. That's it.

After I cleaned the carpet rug, I was mortified! The water was nothing less than sludge! It was brownish black, thick, full of hair and other particles. Gross!

So, if you have had the misfortune to even step onto one of my areas of carpet in the last couple of years, I sincerely apologize for the bacteria you took home with you.

Today I am tackling the upstairs. It's all carpet. I am frightened.

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  1. one year for my bday gift i asked to rent a rug doctor and we cleaned the carpets it is soo gross

    what carpet cleaner did you get??

    we are doing hard wood all over the house so no more carpets yippee!!!!

    Tif has been wanting me to ask (and I might have asked this already) what is your fave daughtry song


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