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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

The highlight of Grandma and Papa's has to be swimming!

My parents have an inground pool, so we can swim all day, every day that we are here. The kids love it!

On this trip, Eli and Brynne have spent the majority of the day swimming. They swim about 4 times a day, only coming in for a short rest or to eat. For the first time they have each learned to jump off the diving board. And, Brynne has been swimming without her lifejacket or ring, pushing off from the side and actually swimming!

They have just really enjoyed themselves and it makes me realize how much I want a pool at our house or to live somewhere with a neighborhood pool. Mama has also enjoyed sitting by the pool, laying out and reading her book. I even laid out on a raft for about 30 minutes yesterday. Ahhhhh .....

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  1. I had to smile when "heartless" came on your blog. I love this version!

    Did you get the bow at your parents house?


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