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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Family Fun Night ~ Ice Age 3

Last night was our weekly Family Fun Night event. This week we decided to go see "Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs". As a family, we're Ice Age fans. We love Sid the Sloth. You will often catch us quoting our favorite lines from the movies. Over the past couple of weeks we have even adjusted our budget to allow for many trips to McDonald's to get all of the toys from the new movie. 

This was the first time all six of us have gone to a movie together. I've taken all the kids, Rick's taken various combinations of the kids, but we've never gone together. Honestly, I never thought we would get to this place in our lives. It was great! Brynne is a movie fanatic and goes often with Kyndal. Eli doesn't like the dark theatre or loud noises and wasn't at all excited about going, even though he has loved the other movies. During the whole movie, as it would get dark and the music would change, he'd say, "this isn't good" and would grab Rick's arm and hold it in front of his face, peeking out above it so he could still see. Other than that, there weren't any emergency trips to the bathroom or getting up and down or crying or anything. It was amazing!

The movie itself was a little slow to start, but cute. It had fun humor and was clean, which is rare even in a cartoon movie these days. We really enjoyed it!

Our Family Fun events have become very important to us! Our LifeCoach suggested that we do weekly family team meetings and then plan a day or night to do something together as a family. The kids all really look forward to doing it. But what we have found is that Rick and I really look forward to them too!

I highly suggest you do this with your family. For years we have said that we need to do family game nights or bowling nights and such and have never done them. I'm sad we wasted so many years. Kyndal will be in high school this year .. she was in kindergarten when we moved here. Now Eli's going to be in kindergarten. Time goes by so fast! Don't let it slip away .. do this with your kids! It costs money (although doesn't have to all the time), but you can't afford not to do it.

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