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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacay Day 1 ~ Road Trip and The Black Hills of South Dakota

We left Owasso yesterday at about 2:00 p.m. pulling a pop-up camper behind our Suburban. If our copper kitchen sink would have fit somewhere we would have taken it .. seriously, we took everything imaginable!

We didn't even get out of town without a mishap. Brynne touched my friend's reflector guide by their driveway that is sprayed with fiberglass and she got fiberglass splinters in her hand. So, we didn't take a family pic of us in front of the camper until our first gas stop. Here we are in Kansas City.

Rick drove the first 4 hours, then I took over for the next 7 1/2. At 11:00 p.m. we stopped and bedded down the kids. I may be a bad mama, but we put the two little ones in the back of the Suburban on mattresses, Kyndal was layed out in the backseat and Dawson was layed out in the middle. At least they got about 7 hours of real sleep. At 2:30 a.m. we stopped for gas and Rick finished the last 4 or so hours to get us into the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Then .... it started pouring ... then hailing .... and storming so bad I thought I might cry! I was seriously worried that we would have an entire day of rain and storms. And I was so sad that the one thing Brynne was looking forward to doing would be ruined! We are staying at the Flintstones campground in Custer, SD, tonight. They have a little "amusement park" on site with a replica Bedrock City. But, once we pulled in, the rain let up and Rick and Matt were able to get the campers set up. Then it started clearing up and the day has turned out to be beautiful!! The kids have played miniature golf, swam for a few minutes and went to the amusement park (while daddy took a little nap). Here are the kids in Fred's car, and a couple of others.

We rode a little train ride that took us to a western town set. I took these fun pictures.

This afternoon we are headed to the Crazy Horse Memorial, for a drive through the Black Hills National Forest and then onto Mt. Rushmore!! I can't wait to see it all!


  1. oh my gosh i love the flintstones! :) looks like the kids are having lots of fun! :)

  2. OH. MY GOSH! THAT'S IT!!!! I can't read this blog anymore!!!!! I'm so jealous!

    And matching t-shirts?! I mean I love it, I have thought about getting some made, but thought I would be "cheesy" but.. okay so I'm going to have some made now for sure "Team Lewis!" :) What do your shirts say?

    I love you!!! Have fun girlie

    P.S. I'll be stalking your blog tomorrow and for the rest of the week!


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