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Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July at Farrington Park

The 4th holiday was exhausting! After a busy week, and my 20th high school reunion on Friday night, I just didn't have the excitement for the 4th festivities as I usually do. Here is a photo recap of our activities ...

Me and my honey

Eli and Brynne

Dawson's racing frog

Eli on the playground

Dawson's 2nd place finish

Kyndal doing the egg race and me bending over in the background picking up the egg I dropped.

Eli, Brynne and daddy

Eli's fall in the sack race

He was upset about it!!

Brynne hopping to the finish line. She didn't win but didn't care.

Me telling Kyndal that I was going to kill her if she hurt me in this race! We wiped out at the end.

The seconds before I was wearing the egg all over my chest!

All the kiddos in their homemade t-shirts.

Rick and my sister Kristen kept the blue ribbon in the family for the egg toss after dad and I blew our repeat performance.

Rylee and Kyndal in the "Poo Canoe" in the carboard boat regatta. My dad owns a portable potty business, thus the outhouse and boat name.

Hope you all had a happy 4th!!

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  1. Hey girl - I've missed you tons!!! So I need info on these shirts... how did you do those... they looked awesome, I honestly was going to ask where you BOUGHT them!!!!

    <3 ya!


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