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Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacay Day 4 ~ Yellowstone

When I was a senior in high school our family went on the only family vacation of my childhood .. a road trip to Virginia. I remember how excited my parents were to show us all of the places from when I was a baby. Me, my sister and my brother really could care less. We were typical sullen teenagers and pre-teens. We each had a cassette (yes, I said cassette) headset that was stuck to our ears the entire trip. We had car trouble all the way there, were disappointed that the only place to eat on Christmas night was a dirty Waffle House, and were in the car for hours and hours. We took a day and went to Washington, D.C. I had a new outfit and new boots I wanted to wear. It was the week after Christmas and COLD! I refused to wear a coat because it didn't match my outfit. I bruised my achilles tendon and heel by wearing those boots. At one point my dad slammed on the brakes and yelled at us to turn off those #@&@@# headsets! But I have fond memories of us going on a vacation as a family.

This day in Yellowstone is the day our family fell apart.

I will protect everybody's dignity by not giving specifics, but we all have something to be ashamed of .. many things, actually! Things were said and done that were hurtful to each of us. We actually considered ending the vacation at that time and going home. We were tired, dirty, cold, rained and hailed on, sick of each other and selfish! The worst part of each our personalities had been in full swing since that morning (mine included! in fact, mine had been there for a couple of days!) Every problem we have as a family came spilling out.

We did see Old Faithful that day, but I can't say I enjoyed even one moment of it. I was too distracted. That's unfortunate.

Here is a photo of the kids in front of it.

And here is a photo of us having lunch right before things went south. It literally started moments after this.

After Old Faithful we came back to the campsite and fixed burgers and hot dogs and had a campfire Family Team Meeting. It was heated, and I don't mean the campfire.

We got it all out, resolved to try to leave our selfishness behind so we could enjoy the rest of our vacation, and went to bed.

Although I know we all carried our feelings through the rest of the vacation, we did enjoy the rest of it and saw some cool sites. We even had fun.

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  1. Nicole -
    Can I just tell you that I truly appreciate your honesty? I really do.

    I have friends (and Peyton's mom- which irritates me) who go to Disney World every single year. I have often thought to myself, if Doug and I packed up these boys- loaded down the car and drove for 8 hours to see the magical mouse would it be all I wanted it to be? Would we enjoy it? Would they enjoy it? And I have to say my answer every single time is a resounding NO! They're too young, it would be an agonizing hell I think. I can just see Doug and I in the middle of the magic kingdom swearing that once we were home we were filing divorce papers. I can see all our drama being spilled out just because one of us is irritated with one of the boys- - - and it's only because it's hot, they're hungry and tired! And I really think people fake it "Oh it was so awesome, it was so much fun" at the risk of looking like a complete idiot of spending all that money and dragging their 4 month old off to Disney! Really? That just sounds stupid!

    I love you saying "I can't say I enjoyed even one moment of it!" Pure, complete honesty! I don't expect anything less from you though ;)

    And can I say that I'm so glad you mentioned that everyone about killed each other? So true.. SO TRUE! We've yet to have a single getaway where someone didn't almost die :)

    I love you!!!!


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