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Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacay Day 2 ~ TnT'S North American DEtour 2009

As we were on our way to historic and beautiful Cody, Wyoming (home of Buffalo Bill), getting ready to ascend the mountain through scenic Big Horn National Forest, we just had to make a one-day stop at Connor Battlefield campground in Ranchester, Wyoming.

I'm lying.

As we were ascending the mountain through scenic Big Horn National Forest we looked behind us and realized that we hadn't seen Matt and Steph for quite some time. We had no phone service so we continued to the top of the mountain. Then we noticed a missed call from Dawson (he was riding with them). We called to learn that they were at the bottom of the mountain because their truck had overheated.

Well, not exactly.

What we found at the bottom of the hill was a dead truck .. blown head gasket or transmission or something.

So, we did what any other broken down, disappointed family would do .. we took pictures. I can't post them right now, but we took them. It was beautiful standing at the top of a steep cliff looking down at the pine trees. We threw rocks and pine cones off the bluff. And we waited for a tow truck.

Rick decided that we should definitely hang together, instead of us going on to Yellowstone. So, Steph and I and all 7 kids loaded up in our Suburban and headed back to Ranchester and found a campground while the guys waited for the tow truck. We set up our pop-up and started a campfire. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for s'mores and just as we finished eating, it started pouring ... again! So we all ran into the pop-up and waited for the men and the towed 5th wheel.

Sleeping was fine, except for the train that passed by us, full horns blowing all night!!

The men got up this morning and headed into town to meet with the guys who are going to fix their truck. They brought back McDonald's and then we started cleaning out the pop-up. It was a mess and I just couldn't stand it anymore.

Right now we are getting ready to load up and head onto Yellowstone. We are skipping Cody. The Thomasons have a rental van and are having their 5th wheel towed to the town where their truck is, to wait for it. Hopefully they will join us tomorrow.

So ....

we are on the road again ....

stay tuned!

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  1. Believe it or's such experiences as this that you'll think back about as the years go by....and eventually you'll laugh about them....not this year and maybe not next year but you will!

    Your Ozarks Pal


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