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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vacay Day 7 ~ The Grand Tetons (cont)

This was Friday and was to be the day we started the trip home. But, as soon as we arrived on Day 6 we just knew that we wanted to stay one more night.

Here's why ....

These are the official Grand Tetons. Do you know what "Tetons" stands for? I'll give you a hint ... I just had surgery to create some ... Funny, huh?

On this last day in the Tetons we decided to make the hour drive to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and around to the Teton Village (ski area) to ride the aerial tramway, Big Red, up to Rendezvous Point.

I fell in love with Jackson Hole. In fact, I told Rick that I would really like to (and I'm not kidding) sell our house, buy a cheaper one and work toward getting a vacation home there that we could retire to someday. It is a stunning place! And the town is adorable! So many cool shops down on the square. They have everything you can think of. There's an airport within 30 miles. There's a golf course. And, the skiing. I don't like to ski, but Rick does. And, I love winter so the harsh winters wouldn't bother me a bit .. not in the middle of that beauty!

We rode Big Red and the kids loved it! Eli especially loved it!

Once we got to the top (it was so windy and cold), we went into the little cafe area and ate our picnic lunch. We took a couple of photos and rode back down.

Then the kids did what was probably their favorite thing all trip .. they jumped on the bungee trampoline. 

On the way back we stopped at String Lake so the kids could swim. The water was freezing but that didn't stop them!

Here we are with the Thomasons ...

We decided to call it an early day because the Thomasons were heading back to Yellowstone for a couple of days and wanted to get there before dark. We hugged them goodbye and went back to our campsite for spaghetti and an early night to bed. We were getting up the next day to start the 22 hour trip home.

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