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Friday, July 3, 2009

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Does Cannonballs!

Yep .. he's the fun one! If the kids want to have fun, it's daddy they go to. I'm too cautious, not a risk taker. Daddy will just jump right in.

But, it's not just in ways of fun. Rick jumps into everything in cannonball fashion ... full force! For me, I have to over-analyze everything to the point that when I finally make a decision sometimes the opportunity has even passed. Or, maybe I make a decision to do something, but then my heart's not completely in it. When Rick makes a decision ... he jumps! Sometimes, most times, it makes a huge splash, especially to the world around us. But the ripples of the waves trickle out, slowly touching all in their path, and eventually subside, and Rick emerges with a smile on his face and a resolve to move forward and live out the consequences of his splash. He doesn't just jump in without reason, without purpose. He's a thought-provoking man, an analyzer as well. But the difference between the two of us is that he's not afraid to climb to that ledge and jump in! I admire that about him and I'm glad that he has the faith to do it. He's taken us to some incredible places, and continues to do so, by his willingness to just jump in!

Rick Rocks ~ Because he does cannonballs !!!

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