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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Family Fun Night and Movie Review

Rick is out of town this weekend at a Nascar race in Indianapolis with his company. So, the kids and I were on our own for Family Fun Night. This week was kind of all about what Eli wanted to do. 

For some reason he gets really excited when he sees a Burger King sign, and has been wanting to eat there forever. So, I took the kids into Tulsa to eat at Burger King and then we headed to the drive-in movie. The last time we went to see a movie there was when "Cars" was out. Eli was 2 1/2 and Brynne was a baby.

This time we went to see G-Force. We had a good spot at the drive-in and the weather was perfect. We loaded the car up with snacks and drinks and got ready for the movie. We should have just eaten our snacks and gone home. It was horrible! It was boring, the plot was a little complicated at first for little kids, and really didn't make much sense in the end. There were no funny parts at all, not even some hidden adult humor. Brynne, who can sit through back-to-back Chronicles of Narnia movies at the age of 3, was so bored that she didn't pay attention for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Eli said he enjoyed it, but really just enjoys getting his stuffed animals together to play G-Force.

My advice .. save your money for a higher quality movie, like "Space Buddies". Oh wait, that movie was horrible, too. Well, at least it had tooting scenes that made the little kids laugh.


  1. bummer! I was hoping this would be good! Hope the burgers was good at least ;)

    Rick had a good race it looked like :)

    Trusting you have a good week ahead!

  2. WE have a new respect for Burger King now...we will never be able to eat at one without remembering our trip! It was kinda a breaking point for us!! LOL! Leaving that trailer there...then my dad's truck. And the nice lady who gave me Cheesecake...I must have been pitiful looking. And of course that's where we met Tina...:)
    And I am not happy about G-force being stinky! Why they gotta do that?? Jaden really wanted to see that...but I think we will wait until it comes out on DVD. thanks for letting us know so I can save some money!

  3. Now I'm sure that we are living parallel lives! We went to a drive in on Saturday night as well and saw, you guessed it, "G-Force". I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with you. It was horrible! We still had fun spending the time together. The kids hadn't been to a drive in for years (actually, I'm not sure Jenna had ever been!)

    Take care,
    Anne :-)


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