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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vacay Day 1 (cont) ~ Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore

After we spent the afternoon enjoying the Flintstones campsite, we headed out for the real reason we were in South Dakota ... the Crazy Horse Memorial and Mt. Rushmore.

Wow ....

You know, you read about that stuff for so many years, and see so many textbook pictures of it, that when you finally see it you just stand in awe and think, "Wow .. it really does exist!!"

First we went to Crazy Horse ..

We watched a video about this and learned so much that we didn't know. Did you know that the first blast was in 1948 and the face wasn't revealed until 1998??? That's 50 years just to do the blasting on the face! When it's completed it will look much like this ..

I think I heard once that it will take 300 years to complete the full sculpture. Sadly we won't get to see it completed in our lifetime. Steph said Jesus will come back before then! I wondered what would happen if you were the guy who messed it up! What if you missed the blast by a foot and blew a huge hole in his face?? Just wondering!

Next we went and did something SO FUN! We went to the Alpine Slide. We first rode up the mountain on ski lifts. Brynne rode with Kyndal, Dawson rode with his friend Lauren, and Rick and I took Eli. I can only speak for Eli, but he loved it!!! At the top of the mountain was a restaurant and several places for pictures. I won't bore you with all of them, but I did take these cool shots of the everybody on some rocks ...

After we ate the yummiest burgers ever (maybe we were just starving), we rode the toboggans down the mountain. Fuuuuuunnnnnnnn!! I couldn't get the one of me and Brynne to post ... bummer!

And lastly we went to Mt. Rushmore. Breathtaking! You think it's huge, until you see Crazy Horse. The entire Mt. Rushmore sculpture would fit onto the face of Crazy Horse.

We're packing up camp today and heading to Cody, Wyoming, the home of Buffalo Bill.  We're going from Yabadabadoo to Yee-Haw!!!


  1. so glad you all are having a great time! and YES HE WILL BE BACK BY THEN :)

    praying traveling mercies for you all and joy joy joy down in your heart of hearts! bonding like no other too!

    love and miss you

  2. Yall look like yall are having a wonderful time!! I'm so glad. These pics are great. Makes me want to change my vaca plans and do something fun AND educational for my kids like you are doing!!! Great pics!! That toboggan riding looks FUN FUN FUN!!!
    Keep the pics coming, I'm living vicarioulsy through yall on this vacation! Ha Ha. I even just showed Payton this post. She wants to go there now!!!


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