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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vacay Day 8 ~ Denver Aiport Holiday Inn Express

Yes, I know I've skipped a few days. But did you know that they don't have Wi-Fi once you hit Yellowstone??? I was appalled! No cell phone or internet service for 5 days!!!

I will update you on each of the days I have skipped, I'm honestly just too tired right now!

I feel like this little Holiday Inn is a 5-star hotel compared to the week of camping in a pop-up camper with all of our kids with no services (which means no electricity or water or furnace, for those of you who have never camped!) We were blessed to have a bathroom right across from our campsite both in Yellowstone and the Tetons. And I gladly paid $15.00 for us to take a shower. We only had the luxury of two of them in those 5 nights (stinky, yes, I know!) Have I told you that it gets down to about 35 degrees at night, and that's pretty darn cold when you're sleeping in a soft-side pop-up camper?? And did I forget to mention that we had no furnace? We did have a portable propane heater, but by morning you could still see our breath. 

The bath I just took in this Holiday Inn felt like a spa treatment. And I guarantee that this bed will feel as though I am sleeping on clouds!! As a family, we have never smelled so good!

To hear all of that you would think that we had a bad vacation, huh? Oh my goodness! That couldn't be further from the truth! Yes, we had typical family drama. (Again, did I mention that we were in a pop-up camper with all of our children for 8 nights, and in a car with them for between 50-60 hours total?) Yes, we had detours. You can read about that in my previous posts. But most importantly we saw God's creation at its finest! I will post about each day, including photos, once we get back to Oklahoma. We're planning to leave here at about 7 a.m. tomorrow for our final 10 or so hours in the car.

Come back and hear about our fabulous vacation!


  1. Oh my gosh girl! You know I'm a stalker - I was wondering why you hadn't blogged. $15 for a shower?! OMG!

    I can not wait to hear about every single day and aspect of this trip.

    We are taking a camping trip either in August or October. By Camping trip I mean two nights girlie, two nights! But I am sure that will be an adventure in itself with two small boys!

    I'm so anxious to see these pictures and hear all your stories, and I want to go ahead and bet right now that there are some hilarious stories involving Kyndal! :) I can not wait!!!!

    Love you girl!

  2. I'm so glad that you've enjoyed your trip. I'm sure everyone is tired & ready to be home but it sounds like your family has a lot of great memories to cherish. I'm looking forward to reading about them.
    ~Keri Cochran

  3. WHEW, I just finished all of the above posts from your vaca. Looks like yall had a great time. I love how you did all the pictures and daily recaps like that. Fun Fun Fun. I'm going to email you in a bit, I've got some things to ask you.
    I love your blog by the way, have I told you that lately? It's really my favorite one! You are so REAL and HONEST!!! LOVE IT!


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