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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today ~ September 1, 2009

Outside my window... it's almost chilly! But it's going to be a beautiful day!

I am thinking... about how my daughter's feelings toward me as her mother and our family much mirrors how I have felt about my mother and our family lately. There is something to be learned from this. This is one of those teachable moments. But who is the real student .. her or me?

I am thankful ... that my kids look out for each other. Dawson just called Kyndal on her cell phone (he's outside waiting for his bus, she was in the kitchen) to tell her that her bus was coming. They bicker often, but they really do take good care of each other.

From the learning rooms... great things are happening! Kyndal and Dawson seem to be enjoying their new school years, and they haven't had much homework. Brynne is Queen of Pre-K (and spends almost all of her free time now painting or coloring at home). Eli has had the biggest adjustment but is doing so good! He spelled 6 color words for me yesterday, and did his homework without any fuss or fight (of course, he wouldn't have had homework if he would have done it at school like he was supposed to! We are working on that!)

From the kitchen... we're having a great week of meals! I have made a point to make sure we have a vegetable (even if it's puree'd and hidden in the food) and a fruit at every dinner. Also, each week every member of our family gets to choose one meal. I revise it to make it as healthy as possible. Then that person also gets the pleasure of cleaning up the kitchen that night !! :)

I am wearing... workout clothes.

I am creating... my grocery list.

I am praying ... for Doug and the Magees, the Berry-Morins family, my MIL, my kids and their school year.

I am going... to try to stop making life so complicated and just live it!

I am reading... "One Weekend to Change Your Life" by Joan Anderson.

I am hoping... that Kyndal's hard work and initiative pays off for her or opens another door of opportunity.

I am hearing... the clock ticking. It's dark and quiet!

Around the house... our yard looks great! Rick taught me how to mow with the rider this weekend and working together we knocked out the majority of the yard in quick time! We have hired a landscaper to do some work on our backyard to make it more usable.

One of my favorite things... starts tomorrow night .. So You Think You Can Dance!!

A few plans for the rest of the week... I'm going to the grocery store today, although I don't know if it will be this morning (depending on if Ellie comes) or this afternoon when Brynne goes to school. Tomorrow I have all the girls. On Thursday Rick has a consultation for a colonoscopy. His mother has colon cancer, and his uncle has had it too, so it's time for an early screening since he is high-risk. We meet with our LifeCoach on Thursday night. The older two kids are going to spend a weekend with their dad. And, on Saturday, Rick and I have been invited to go to the OSU/Georgia football game by a vendor of his company. We are being taken there in a limo, sitting in box seats and being pampered all day. Fun!!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing..

My little Eli eating his first-ever school lunch. He said, "This pizza is so very good!" Brynne and I went and had lunch with him on this day. It was fun! Notice the styrofoam lunch trays. I am disturbed to realize that, district wide, we use these, instead of regular trays and silverware that are washed. I am personally looking into recycling options.

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  1. Your doing sooo good ~ veggies, working out I wish I could hire you at my house ;)

    Good luck with that recycle thing. Jantz submitted a letter to the principal last year as to why they should do this and it was completely disregarded. So frustrating!

    Hope you have a great time at the game! I am sooo jealous! and will miss you on Thurs and praying that night! Give Cindy a hug for me ok!

    Love you

  2. Don't know how old your girls are, but yesterday I posted an interview with Nicole O'Dell. Nicole has written two interactive books for middle school age girls. I have them both and read one - a very good book. It is two posts down on Family Fountain.

  3. Super cute picture.

    Have fun at the football game. I think I would really grow to love football if it involved limos and box seats!


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