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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What a Kid!

I recently joined in with Katy Lin in honoring my husband on Fridays with a "My Husband Rocks" post. It's been so great thinking all week about what great quality my husband has, so I can tell others about. I know that he appreciates it, too!

So, that got me thinking. What if I did the same thing for my kids? What if I chose one of my kids each Wednesday and just wrote about something they have done or about a positive quality they have! My little ones don't read my blog, obviously, and I don't think my older son ever does. But, it's still important to me to let others know how great my kids are!

I've never done a MckLinky thing but I am going to attempt it with this one. I don't have any kind of fancy button for you to put on your post ... sorry! If you want to join me in doing this, just write a post about one of your kids on Wednesday (you can start today). Link your post back here.

This week I want to talk about my oldest daughter, Kyndal. I have written about her specifically in the past. But today I want to focus on something she has done this week that has made me very proud of her.

Since she was about a year old she has loved the medical field. She would sit, when she could barely sit, in front of the television and watch ER. Then when she got older and could talk, she would scream, "The doctor show! The doctor show!" every time I was cruising the channels and she would see someone in scrubs.

When I had Brynne 4 years ago, she got up at 5 a.m. and went to the hospital with us. She watched everything they did to me, I.V. and all, until they kicked her out. She really, really, really wanted to be present for my c-section. She has even observed a female exam I received. You might think that's gross, but she's one that likes information, especially if it's about her body and something that will need to be done to it one day.

Starting in the 9th grade, the football teams have athletic trainers. It requires an application process and you have to be chosen by the football coaching staff. At the end of school last year we thought it was a likely possibility that we would move out of state this summer. So, she didn't apply to be a trainer like she had planned. She didn't want to get the position, taking it away from someone else, and then have to give it up.

Well, it looks like we're in Owasso to stay. Some of the football players have told her that she should apply to be a trainer now even though the selections were last May. She took the initiative and researched the NATA website about athletic trainers and wrote an essay to give to one of the coaches. In the essay she wrote a personal piece about why she wanted to be a trainer, mentioning her lifelong love for medicine.

The thing that impressed me most about her essay was that she said that she completely understood if it was too late for her to be a trainer, but that she just wanted to try.

She showed such an incredible amount of maturity in going through this process, on her own. She turned the essay into one of the coaches yesterday and he told her he would consider it.

This is huge, folks! How many times do we have our kids in activities that they are only half-hearted about, causing us time, money and stress?? But to have your child care so much about doing something to go the extra mile and a half, going completely out of their comfort zone, to try to make it happen!! Now that's awesome to see in your child! And to have the maturity to know that all of that effort might not do you any good this year, but to do it anyway?? That has been a growth in Kyndal that has taken me by surprise. She's not one to typically do much more than what is required of her.

I am very proud of her, even if she doesn't get the position. I know that by her efforts those coaches next year will remember her, so her hard work now will eventually pay off! If it pays off this year, that's even better!

What a kid!


  1. What a wonderful idea. We should take time to honor our kids.

  2. aww what a great kid! :) she should look into sports medicine!

  3. Good for her! You should be proud, most kids would have figured it was too late and done nothing. Good luck to her.

  4. What a great girl! We enjoyed meeting her. She definately has a great kind heart.

    This is a great idea I just did a post for Kate.

  5. Good for her! You definitely don't see initiative very often in most teens! I know you're so proud of her!


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