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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open Ended Art ~ Paper Collage/Mosaic

Teaching My Little Bookworm's Open Ended Art project this week was to do a collage/mosaic with paper.

I had an idea last week to cut out various eyes, noses, mouths, hair styles and outfits from magazines and have the girls glue them to a popsicle stick to make puppets. Then I received a Poptart sample this week in the mail. It had a little pamphlet in it with suggestions for fun things to do with your kids. This idea was one of them, but they suggested having the kids randomly draw their face parts out of a paper bag so it would be more of a surprise.

So, I spent (way too much) time cutting the various face parts and such out of magazines. I was going to have the girls do it, but we didn't have enough scissors or time for me to supervise all three of them doing it.

I sat the girls down with a popsicle stick and a round piece of construction paper. They took turns drawing their face parts, hair and outfits out of a bag.

Then they glued them in place.

They turned out kind of creepy!!

They actually didn't get as big a kick out of them as I did. It might be a better project for older kids. Mine are 4. (As I was typing that, however, they picked them up off the table and started playing with them. One of the girls said, "Mine is creepy!" and another said, "Mine is a pig!" Come to think of it, their noses do look a little snoutish!)

Next week's collage/mosaic medium is beans. I have an interesting take on that one, that has to do with our lunch for the day, so check back next week!


  1. those are cute! :) my girls love those books where you make silly faces and bodies!

    great job!!!

    can't wait to see what the beans one is!

  2. That is really cool. Can't wait to see what you are doing next week.

  3. This is an intriguing idea for older kids. I have to keep it in mind for later. The puppets turned out rather intersting:)

  4. Caroline would love this! Time to get out the old magazines!

  5. Haha, these came out so cute/funny!


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