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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

** Please note that there are a few changes to the Daybook entries.

For Today ~ September 15, 2009

Outside my window... more clouds, more rain.

I am thinking... about Fall and all the fun activities that are starting soon.

I am thankful ... for the gift of forgiveness.

I am wearing... Fall clothes ~ jeans, browns, my favorite brown moccasins.

I am remembering... Patrick Swayze's sexy performance in Dirty Dancing.

I am creating... JBF tags, still!

I am going... to buy a mini muffin pan today to simulate 100 Calorie Hostess muffins for my kids because they love those!

I am reading... Crazy Love.

I am hoping... that Brynne's soccer practice is not cancelled tonight because of rain.

On my mind... the stresses that come with having children turning into teenagers and the doubts I have that I'm doing things right!

From the learning rooms... I have one who is excelling, one whose grades are super stinky, one who has a hard time getting his work done at school so has homework every night and one who is an over-achiever and wants homework every night (so I'm having to print things off pre-k websites for enrichment exercises to keep her busy).

Noticing that... age definitely is a factor weighing against you in achieving the body look you want, even though you eat healthy, lean and work out like a dog!

Pondering these words... "My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything -- even if you have no clue what you're doing." Jessica Alba

From the kitchen... Yum! New recipes, healthy food, tasty and good for you!

Around the house... is an overgrown yard, but we can't seem to find time to mow around all this rain.

One of my favorite things... I've realized again, is doing busy work to help someone. I loved being a secretary. I did that in college. Then I had to go and screw it up and continue in school to be an attorney. I love being a wife and mom, and I really think I'm too lazy to work full-time, but I am loving volunteering at our new elementary school! I love making copies, and putting together projects. And, soon I'll be helping start up our school's recycling program. I am really excited about this! I've done tons of research, have lots of fun ideas for the kids as well as fundraising possibilities, and am even hoping we can start a Recycling Club.

A few plans for the rest of the week... This afternoon I am grocery shopping and tonight Brynne has soccer practice. Kyndal's going to a football game. On Thursday I'll volunteer at the school. On Friday I have my first PTO Recycling Committee meeting and I am so excited! Then I am scrapbooking Friday night. I'll be praying for my friend Loren since her shoulder surgery is that day and plan to take a meal to her and her family to eat over the weekend. On Saturday Brynne has her first soccer game. I'm sure we'll work in a trip to the Y to take the kids swimming. That's a highlight every week.

From my picture journal..

A poisonous dart frog at the Tulsa Zoo. They are "poisonous" yet they are not caged and COULD jump around the rainforest exhibit if they wanted to, but they don't. Interesting.

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1 comment:

  1. love the jessica alba quote!
    the rainforest frogs are only poisonous if they eat a certain bug from the rainforest so the poison dart frogs here at stores and zoo's are not really poison dart frogs anymore :) remember my budding frog ologist 9 year old girl! I know every known fact about frogs cuz of her! :)

    thanks for posting the recipes I've added them to next weeks menu and grocery list!

    Go grab a prek workbook from walmart next time your there they are great!

    here is a recipe you might like she makes yummy stuff and has a super fun blog:

    can't wait to see your bean mosaic!


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