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Friday, September 25, 2009

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's The One God Chose Specially For Me!

Many of you know, I'm sure, but some of you may not, that Rick is my second husband. I was married in my early 20s and my two older children are from my first marriage.

Rick and I have often wondered in the past how God would have brought us together had we not married other people before and become divorced. We have wondered that because we truly felt that we were meant to be together and that God had us chosen to be together right from the start. We were the ones who chose different paths. Had we not taken those particular paths, how would God have brought us together? It seems unfathomable because of the vast distance between our lives back then! It's kind of fun to think about the different ways we might have met. Maybe the way we met was the only way that it could have happened. That's okay, too, just not as glamorous!

Katy Lin, who hosts My Husband Rocks!, said this week about her husband that it is clear to her "how blatantly obvious it is ... that Austin is the person on this earth that God had in mind for me to marry, and how no one else in the world could fill that roll better or more completely than he does."

That's how I feel about Rick.

Rick is not perfect (sorry hon!). He's not. But, he is perfect for me. He's exactly what I need and desire in a husband. There is every likelihood that he would drive some women completely crazy! There are some women who would die to have a husband like him if they knew how he really was. My own sister has even said that every woman needs a "Rick", but that he would drive her nuts.

You have to take the good with the bad. But, honestly, almost every single part of him is so good! And, it's in the little things that I notice it most. And, unfortunately, it's in the little things that I often forget to tell him how great he is!

Like today.

Eli had a fever yesterday, and my plans for the day were slightly altered because of it. Today I had a hair appointment scheduled. You know how it is. You schedule those appointments way in advance. Although Eli woke up fever free this morning, Brynne had a fever! Ugh! My first thought was that I would have to cancel my hair appointment. But Rick said that he could rearrange his day to stay home so that I could still go. Thank you honey! I know that it's not easy for him to do. He probably needed to be at work to get ready for an upcoming business trip. But, he stayed home and waited until I got done and then ran into work to get things in order.

Those things are invaluable in a partner. We didn't have these children for me to raise. They are ours. And, I know so many husbands who would not do what my husband did today, not even offer it. I am thankful for him. I am thankful for him when he says, "You need this. Have a good time." I truly am thankful and blessed.

I don't repay him near what he deserves for the little acts of kindness he does for me. I totally take advantage of him. And for that I am sorry. He asks so little of me.

I know that he would not be the perfect husband for every woman. But,

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's the One God Chose Specially for Me!

And, he is perfectly mine! I pray that I never take that for granted.

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I have just recently been brave enough to make my blog public. I don't write on it much, just because I don't have time, but that is going to be my New Years Resoultion for the coming year. To use my blog as a journal for my family & I. I am hoping to start with this early this month.

    I am writing to let you know that you & your family or so much like my family & I. We too are a blended family & my husband & I have both been married & divorced. The only things different betweeen your family outcome vs mine is, you have two children together. My husband & I don't have any kids together. He had one and I had 3 coming into our marriage. But one thing we do have in common, is the belief that God brought us together as a family. This was God's plan for our family to be blended like this. I am so happy with my husband & kids. I know now what it is like to be part of an unconditional love/marriage.

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop in & say hi and let you know that I love reading your blog. Please visit my blog & hopefully we can become friends through this wonderful tech. called the internet & blogging.

    God Bless,


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