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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yeah, but I kicked the ball!!!

This morning was Brynne's first soccer game. We were so excited! Oh, and so was she!

None of our kids are really into sports, so to have one who appears to have that in her future is something we aren't quite ready for.

So, we prettied her up (as any good mother would do) because, as we say in our house, "If you can't play good, look good!"

It was a time to catch up with old friends ...

and play with new ones ...

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how these little 3 and 4 year olds played! They only had two practices, and really didn't even scrimmage except for a couple of minutes. But, within a couple of seconds they all pretty much had the concept of kicking toward their own goal and trying to get the ball from the other team. There were only two "hands" violations, and only a handful of times that it was kicked out of bounds. Basically, it was consistent movement of the ball and goals! Fun stuff!

Now, Brynne just wanted to kick the ball.

In fact, when her own teammate got their first goal, she stopped in her tracks and crossed her arms across her chest in anger. She wanted to kick the ball!

She wasn't as aggressive as we thought she would be but I swear she ran 10 miles in that hour. She tried and tried to get the ball, but mostly just ran. Even the first time she got chosen to do the starting kick another one of her teammates kicked it before she did. (She did finally get her chance). But, she wanted to kick the ball down the field!

Then, it was her chance! At the very end of the game, the ball got away from the opposing player .. she swooped in and stole the ball .. she turned it around and took off down the field .. she had the field pretty much to herself except for one defender .. and she kicked ... and it went ... out of bounds! Ohhhhhhh!!!!! yelled the crowd!

See the soccer ball, and the little leg right next to it (behind the ref) .. that's her getting ready for her final kick. Darn ref!

But, she turned around and flashed her daddy and me the biggest smile ever! And then the game was over! She ran over to us and we started telling her, "Great job! It almost went in! That was so close! You almost got a goal!"

But, she looked at us with those huge blue eyes and a smile like no other and said, "Yeah, but I kicked the ball!!"

Yes, that she did.

Goooooooo Rockets!!!


  1. I smiled and almost teared up at this post. Took me back 15 years when my 20 year old daughter first started playing soccer. She is a social butterfly, so she didn't care if she kicked the ball or not; she just ran around and hugged the other kids she knew from k-garten.

    This is a great quote: "Yeah, but I kicked the ball!!" Kids are happy about a game if they think THEY did well. The team could lose by 20 points, but if they feel good about their performance, the world is ok. Wish we parents could be so honest and simple. Good post.

  2. Yes I love this post! I can just see that sweet face! and hear her say those words!!!

    I miss you and am praying for you! and I am here for you ( but I know you know that!)

    LOVE you

  3. I love it! What a cutie! I'm sure she had so much fun!


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