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Friday, September 18, 2009

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Provides Me With Perspective

The storm has continued in my life this week. Oftentimes I wonder if I'll be catching a break anytime soon!

Lately I tend to take everything in my life so personally .. like everything that is happening is somehow my fault. I take it all on my shoulders and I immediately crumble.

This week that happened when I learned some unsettling news about one of my children. I immediately started crying and felt panicked and felt as though I had failed my child as a mother. I felt that all of my efforts had not helped prepare my child for this difficult time. I was crushed!

So I called the one that could calm me down. He offered to come home. After I assured him I really was okay, he continued to talk me through the problem.

You see, where I am immediately emotional, Rick is pragmatic. He's able to see beyond the emotional aspect of the situation to try to get to the real root of the problem. He was able to convince me that this issue really is not that big of a deal, that it will not take down my child, that I am not only a good mother but a great one, and that we'll just work together as a family to figure things out.

Whew! I felt better! The panic was gone. I still shed many tears, and he held me while I cried. He knows that when it comes to my children, I have very emotional reactions. And, sometimes those reactions don't foster the best result.

So, this week ...

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Provides Me With (Much-Needed) Perspective!!

Thanks, again, babe for rescuing me from myself.


  1. Hi Nicole. It's been a little while since I've visited. Thanks for the follow on Family Fountain. The picture was small enough that I didn't know it was you at first! Your links didn't show up when I clicked on your picture. But, I tried again today and it opened up! Thanks.

    I think a lot of us parents second guess ourselves. When our kids have a hard time, get hurt, make a bad decision, we wonder if we have failed. The answer generally is "no." Those kinds of situations are just the stuff of life. A good parent sticks in there with their kids and helps them reason through the situation, figure out what's going on and work through it. From what I've read on your blog before, that is what you try to do. That is good parenting.

    Good parenting isn't about preventing our kids from experiencing the blows of life; it is helping them process those blows, recover from them, and move on. Good parenting also isn't running to the rescue to lift them from the mess they may in; it is helping them think through it so they can develop the strength climbing out.

    I am writing two articles now, one on Parenting Failures another on Parenting Disappointments. Every parent has disappointments and even some failures, but having some parenting failures does not make us a Parenting Failure; it just makes us human! Parenting failures are when we just don't care, don't teach and don't train. Ironically, Parenting Failures don't think they are that b/c they don't think about it and don't care!

    Parenting Disappointments are experienced by every parent that cares and tries. They wish they could have done better, spent more time, taught a little more. We all have them, can't avoid it. And that's ok. Realize the difference though between the disappointments and failures! Many parents beat themselves up over disappointments b/c they think they are failures, when really they aren't.

    Your husband is right! From what I've read on your blog you are a caring mom!

    Sorry if I've gone on too long! Take care.


  2. U are one of the best moms I have ever ever known...don't ever doubt it. I have always admired you as a mom and you make me strive to love my kids more and be a better mom!!! YOu have great kids!!!


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