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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today ~ September 29, 2009

Outside my window... It was 43 degrees when I went to work out this morning. Wow!

I am thinking... that I understand better why my parents seemed to be in an utter state of frustration and exhaustion when I was a teenager.

I am thankful ... that my teenagers aren't as bad as I was at their ages.

I am wearing... workout clothes drenched in sweat because I just got back from spin class.

I am remembering... how old and/or out of shape I really am! I went to spin class this morning and am dying now (I was dying then, too!) I hadn't worked out since last Wednesday. What a difference a week will make! I shall try not to make that mistake again!

I am creating... school volunteering projects, mostly crafts.

I am going... to the craft party meeting at 12:30 today and then going to finish the puppets I started for Eli's teacher a few weeks ago.

I am reading... more fall magazines.

I am hoping... that Rick and I have a really fun time on Saturday night, because we haven't been out together in a while and I'm really looking forward to it.

On my mind... the healthy and most beneficial way to help my teenagers navigate through these muddy waters of being a teenager.

From the learning rooms... Well, the two older kids have lost their cell phones for 6 weeks because of lower-than-normal grades on their progress reports. But, Dawson is doing much better with our new plan of action to keep him on top of his school work. And Kyndal volunteered herself for tutoring to help in one of her classes, which is a positive step. Eli and Brynne each missed some school last week because they were sick. But, Eli brought home his school work yesterday and it was done so neatly that I almost thought someone else must have done it! Brynne continues to be the Queen of Pre-K and she was so glad to be back at school yesterday.We are also doing lots of "life learning" as a family, and really seeking God for his guidance.

Noticing that... I have great kids, and an amazing husband, and I can tell that we are a close family by the way that we sit and talk to each other about life's issues. Lots of kids wouldn't talk to their parents about the things we talk about. And that's why we are able to grow together as a family. I am blessed.

Pondering these words... "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." ~ Dolly Parton

From the kitchen... I sit in the pitch black dark, other than the little light of my desk, computer and coffee pot. It's so quiet and peaceful.

Around the house... We have a bigger backyard than we did last week, and freshly laid sod.

One of my favorite things... is definitely fall. I can't wait to get all of my fall decorations out, and new pumpkins. I wonder if Aldi will have those HUGE ones again this year for $2.99. I hope so!!! I'm really looking forward to taking the kids to the pumpkin patch. I love doing that! I always get the best pictures on that day!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today is the kindergarten craft party meeting at 12:30 and then I am staying to finish up a project I started. Brynne has soccer at 6:30. Tomorrow the little guys have school pics. And tomorrow night I'm going to take all four kids to Chick-fil-A for dinner to use the free coupons I got from Steph (thanks Steph!). We'll take the older two kids to church and then head to the grocery store. On Thursday Kyndal is going to a football game, but not before her and Dawson study for their tests on Friday. On Friday the older kids and I are doing something fun together. Rick and I have a vendor party to go to Saturday night and I am really looking forward to it! Then Rick's brother, who I have only seen once, is coming into Tulsa this weekend so we are having a family dinner here at our house with Rick's sister's family and his brother. Another busy week!

From my picture journal..

I made this from a fun new website called You can make this and many other really neat things very easily and then save them as a .jpg to print wherever you want. Check it out! It's free!

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  1. I enjoyed your daybook, we just got back last night from a long weekend in OK:)
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