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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today is a new day free from sickness. Three of the four kids got a small touch of the flu from their FluMist vaccine this past week. But today we are fever free! Maybe by getting a bit of it now built up their immune systems so that when the real flu hits in a few months, they will be able to resist it!

Yesterday I got a new haircut and color. The cut is basically the same, with a tad bit more bangs. And I lightened up the color. Although I always think that I wish I was a brunette, when I look back at pictures during those phases I realize that I look old and washed out. I guess I just need to embrace my inner blonde!

Kyndal and I put into action a new style. While at the OSU game a few weeks ago, I saw a girl with a men's large t-shirt that she had "made" into a dress. So for homecoming this week, the kids were to wear homemade t-shirts to school on Thursday. Kyndal took a large shirt and wore it as a dress. Cute!

Here is a new way to watch a parade ... from the car. We loaded up to go and as soon as we got there it started raining. We did brave it for a little bit, to get enough candy to be satisfied. Then we waited in the car for Kyndal and her friend.

We are getting a new backyard. Our backyard was small with a huge sloping hill. We had a railroad tie retaining wall built along the back of the hill and backfilled it with dirt to make our backyard bigger. Rick is laying sod (again) and moving rocks (again) to finish it off. Now we will have to landscape the small hill behind it. We also have plans to plant some evergreen trees to provide us with some privacy.

Because of some extremely stinky progress reports, I have two teenagers with brand new cell phones sitting on the shelf for the next 6 weeks. Do you think they'll ever learn that if they're not responsible enough to keep up their grades that they're not responsible enough for their cell phones and such?? I'm beginning to wonder what it will take to get that point across.

I guess that's it! Other than really wanting to run out and buy a new fall wardrobe and get new fall decorations put up, I've got nothing else to report.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like there's a lot going on around your parts. How clever of your daughter to make that shirt into a dress!

  2. Love the are so purdy! WTG putting the cell phones away.....I bet they aren't happy about that! :)

  3. Love all the "new's"! That t-shirt idea is so cool!! Can't wait to incorporate that into my daughter's wardrobe!

  4. Your hair is so cute! I am going to do this t-shirt dress for Kate so cute!

  5. Love it all! You're hair is fabulous, and the dress super cute idea!


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