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Monday, October 20, 2008

Windsor Day 2

Friday at mom and dad's was even lazier than Thursday .. if that's possible!! We lazed around all day in our jammies, and even ordered drive-in food for dinner! Mom, Kyndal, Brynne and I went to watch Rylee play volleyball in the evening. We were sitting on the front row talking. Brynne was saying, "Where's Dawson?" In the middle of asking that the second time ... WHAM!! .. a volleyball line-drived into her face. Visualize Marsha Brady and the football. This was quite similar! Of course she cried .. OUCH!! Then she fell asleep and slept through the rest of the games. When we got home, Papa had made a firepit and we roasted marshmallows and made smore's. Luckily when Brynne woke up on Saturday morning she didn't have a broken nose or black eyes.

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