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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pumpkin Patch -- Take 1

Today was our first trip to the pumpkin patch. Brynne's preschool class went to the United Methodist Church patch in Owasso. They got to hunt for one small pumpkin, then play a pumpkin-finding game in the mini hay maze. Then they sat and listened to a story and did a craft. She had a really great time! She was so cute! Of course I took a few hundred photos, but I will spare you and only post three for now. I plan to post a slideshow of all of our fall festivities when they are completed.

Although the day should have been mostly about Brynne, Eli and I ended up having a really great morning together. I wasn't planning on taking Brynne to her afternoon school activities and was going to take them both to the park. But her teachers begged me to bring her, so I did. Because I didn't take her back to school until 11:30 and Eli had to be at his school at 12:30, he and I went to the park. He ate his lunch and we went on a hike. The weather was beautiful and we had a really nice time together. I was able to take some pictures of us together, by holding the camera out, and actually got a couple of really great shots. Here is one.

Then after I took Eli to school and I picked up Brynne, she and I went to the park by ourselves. I didn't have my camera, so there are no photos of her. It was a weird day.

I had to pick Rick up from work because his car is currently dead. It can be resurrected for a mere $1500, which is just under it's trade-in value which stinks. So it will be fixed on Monday. He and I then went to Eli's parent-teacher conference and he is doing really well. We are very proud of his progress on all levels.

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