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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tulsa Corn Maize

For Dawson's birthday this year he took five kids (Lauren, Kyle, Braden, Korey, Dylan) to the Tulsa Corn Maize in Broken Arrow .. very cool place! You can check it out at We arrived there at about 5:30 p.m., and they allowed us to choose a fire pit area. We chose the one right next to the entrance to the maze. It had two picnic tables covered by a tent and the firepit had logs sitting around it to sit on. We brought hot dogs, chips, drinks and, of course, s'mores. The kids spent the daylight hours running through the maze, going on a hayride, playing in the corn pit and jumping in the "hay jump".

When it got dark one of the mazes turned into a "haunted maze". Most of them were brave enough, although a couple opted out. There was also a shed-sized area full of corn kernels .. kindof like a sandbox. Very fun! Rick, Eli and Brynne joined us a little later and Eli and Brynne had a blast playing in the corn pit, riding the cow train and, especially, playing on the "hay jump." The partygoers just ran around and played until 9:30 when we headed home.

Our neighbors, the Gardners, joined us, as well as our friends, the Breeses. Here is a picture of Kyndal and the Gardner girls: Christina, Amanda and Caitlyn. They have such a good time together! But talk about drama ... WHOA!!

We had a really great time! It's a fun place! Dawson had fun, but was bothered by an incident with a goth-type girl in the haunted maze who cussed him out for shining his headlamp in her face. The visual of that scenario makes me laugh. He wasn't laughing, though.

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  1. Oh Lauren...I don't even know how to respond...her and all those's where she is most comfortable...and they allow her to be who she is and not care...I love that!! I'm so glad she went...and sorry boys she couldn't stay the night! LOL!!!


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