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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Immune Booster

As most of you know, from around October to March Eli is sick almost constantly! He has a very weak respiratory and immune system, so if someone brings home a cold his turns into something horrible. He has coughing spells that last weeks, several times a year, and typically gets pneumonia at least twice. When Brynne and I each had the flu last year for about 3 days, Eli had it for well over a week and was on antibiotics to prevent a secondary infection from winding him up in the hospital like the year before. My mom suggested I start giving him a vitamin that has an immune booster in it. The kids take a regular multi-vitamin, but I thought it sure couldn't hurt. Starting this week I have been giving him the recommended dosage of 2 L'il Critter Immune C Plus Zinc & Echinacea Immune Booster supplements. I am just bound and determined to do everything I can to help this child not get sick everytime he gets around someone with a cold, especially since he is now in preschool everyday with 25 kids. I do think his immune system has strengthened over the past year naturally, because we haven't noticed near as many coughing bouts this summer as he normally has. So far he hasn't caught anything this fall. So, I just wanted to document what I am doing so I can look back and see if it "worked". Has anybody had any experience with this supplement? Let me know if you have. The reviews I have read online have all positive things to say. I'll let you know in April if I think it was worth it.

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