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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back Together

I guess I should mention that Kyndal and Alex are "back together". What that really means is that they smile at each other at school and sit by each other at football games. He's a nice kid and I'm glad she's not breaking his heart right now. He's a Christian with a great family, so that's a positive start. Believe me, even in the 8th grade, there are some real hoodlums she could be "going with."

Rick's car collapsed last night. It's sitting in our garage. The kids and I got up and took him to work this morning. We're hoping it can be fixed, at a reasonable cost, to get him by until bonus time in February. Please pray for his car's healing! While at Rick's office, Eli saw an American Flag on Rick's co-worker's desk. He put his hand on his heart and recited the "Pledge of Allegiance". He's 4! I was impressed! Maybe Obama should take note that even our children hold this pledge dear to their hearts! Talk about praying .. please pray without ceasing that this possible anti-Christ does not get voted into office. This could very well be the end, so get right with God.

Dawson and Kyndal are doing really well in school (with the exception of Dawson's usual math struggles and Kyndal's usual english struggles). Otherwise, I am so pleased! I sat at the kitchen table this morning and watched them walk upstairs to go brush their teeth. When did my babies become teenagers? I am quite proud of them!

Tomorrow Brynne's class is going to the pumpkin patch. Eli and Brynne are very excited! They would also desperately like to see a lighthouse, but that one will have to wait.

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