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Friday, October 10, 2008

What Goes Up ...

Last Thursday was Owasso's Homecoming parade. Kyndal was on the 8th grade cheerleading float. That's her with her leg hanging off.

The little guys always love the parade! They get so much candy! In fact, I encourage them to get as much as they can so we can reuse it on Halloween night to give out .. I'm a cheapskate, I know! We're usually only home for about 30 minutes anyway. We were enjoying the parade .. it was a nice 75 degrees. Eli and Brynne were waving at the Pride of Owasso (marching band) and clapping and really enjoying themselves. And Dawson was there too. We were sitting on the curb, in the shade. Brynne was sitting on my lap. The firetruck went by and we waved. Then came the water pump truck .. some old thing. It was pretty cool looking. When it got about 40 yards from where we were sitting it shot water up into the air. You can see the picture here.

Now ... what goes up must come down, right??? Yeah, right .. RIGHT ON TOP OF US AT FULL FORCE!!! Most people were able to run out of the way, and even Dawson and Eli managed to just get "wet". However, Brynne and I were drenched! She was sitting on my lap and I couldn't get up! Let's just say I was annoyed. On a 100+ degree day I might have appreciated that .. not on a 70 degree day when I had to IMMEDIATELY drop the kids off after the parade and get back to the JBF sale where I was working all night. My hair style now is not exactly, "wash and go", so I managed to cram it into a pony and head to JBF. I would like to suggest that the fire department rethink that idea next year! Then there were puddles everywhere, so ALL candy thrown was thrown into them and inedible! We saw an empty spot across the street, in the sun for drying, and ran over there. Since we were pretty much alone we got tons of candy. That made everything okay for everybody ... but me.

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