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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Playing Hooky

Me and Eli are playing hooky today. We took Brynne to school this morning and then had to take Kyndal to the orthodontist for a tightening and then the dentist for some cavities. I hadn't brought his backpack or lunch and we didn't get home until after noon which didn't leave us very much time to eat and head back to town. Then I'd have and hour and a half until I had to pick up Brynne and I just don't feel like scrapbooking today during that time. I'm still beat from last week! Eli is a homebody and really didn't want to leave the house this morning. So, I made a decision to let him skip today. He had a little bit of a stuffy nose so it doesn't hurt him to stay in today. And we all know how sick he always gets from now until about March. Our really good doctor is out of the office "for a while" which makes me nervous. She knows Eli well and treats him aggressively when he picks up something, or even gets me prepared for treating him when Brynne comes down with something. Our other doctor in the office treats everything as a "virus", so basically does nothing, which then leads to something. Anyway, we're just staying home today. So there! Morgan and Makenna didn't come yesterday because they had a stomach virus, which is also going around. And Dawson skipped scouts last night. We're all just wiped out. This starts to happen to us this time of year. We just don't want to do much, yet have so much to do! Really we'd just like to hibernate! We have a busy weekend coming up, so I'm just going to veg as much as possible until then.

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