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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still Lookin' Good After 20 Years!!!

And I'm talking about my husband!!  Rick and the Tulsa Webster Class of 1988 celebrated its 20th high school reunion this weekend.  It's interesting to go to a reunion!  Of course I only knew about 2 tables full of people (and I wonder how many Webster graduates spent the entire evening trying to remember my name!! If you don't know, I graduated in another state!)  It was clear that cliques still unite even after all these years.  There was very little co-mingling between "groups" of people.  And there was that one who "took over" planning the reunion, who was obviously not popular in high school and was dying to be popular last night!  We watched a rolling video from various high school events and they had the usual voting for most changed, best hair, etc.  It was your typical high school reunion.  But, we had a good time!  I didn't know very many of those people, but suffice it to say that Rick was one who had certainly aged the best!  Whoa!  Here are a couple of pics from the night:  

Tulsa Webster Class of 1988

Marty, Kristi, Brooke and Rick

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