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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


At least that's what Brynne says when she puts on her "pirate" shirt!! She loves this shirt, as you can see by the fact that it's in the last two posts!! (Oh, by the way, scroll down to read about Dawson's birthday party .. I typed it as a draft on Saturday, so it posted before the "crummy" one.)

She wore this outfit to preschool today, and in my normal fashion I thought she looked so cute that I needed a picture. (Mom, does this remind you of anything???) She went up to the door and I was just getting ready to say, "Give me some attitude" when she stuck her leg up in that pose. That's my girl!!! I took the closeup so you could see her skull barrettes adorned to her precious little head! How can someone so "tough" still look so sweet???

Due to the sweet words and encouragement from three special ladies, I feel much better today. However, still very convicted. I have work to do on myself .. don't we all? But, I had some new revelations present themselves in the last day or two and I thank you three for your candid "help". Have a great day!

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