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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Well, this weekend was mostly filled with LABOR!! Rick worked endless hours in the yard, even with a fever on Saturday! I do think he sweated it out, though! He got a new riding lawnmower (way overdue) and that cut his yardwork to at least half!!! He burned limbs, cut logs, moved rocks, mowed, trimmed, etc.! I mostly did laundry! Kyndal and Dawson had a fun weekend at the lake with their dad.

On Sunday we went to church and attended our all-church picnic afterwards. They had pony rides and inflatables for the kids. It was really hot, but our two just played and played and played! They loved the ponies! The rest of the day involved more yard work and laundry. Brynne and Eli played in their little pool in the backyard and I just sat on my porch swing and read a book and enjoyed them! As I watched and listened to the pool party next door, I felt such immense blessings in my life to be enjoying my children and home. I was so thankful to be on this side of the fence .. for so many reasons.

Yesterday we didn't do a whole lot. Well, Rick did, you know, more yard work. I pretty much hung out in the house with the kids and planned our vacation for next summer. We are planning to go with the Thomasons on a camping trip through the Black Hills of South Dakota and to Yellowstone. We think the trip will be worthy of movie rights by the time we are done. But we are SO EXCITED! I have had so much fun planning! I imagine it will be one of "those" vacations the kids talk about way into adulthood. With me and Stephanie on a week-long trip in campers, how could it not be??? Dawson just cannot wait to do something so cool with Lauren!

Brynne starts preschool today! I just heard her door open so I'd better go see her! It's 7:20 a.m. right now. There will be pictures of the first day, you can be sure!

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  1. You know it my friend!! I can't wait!! I have pics of my home sweet home to share with you...It is awesome..well for a 5th wheel that I am using for free at least..hahha!! We are going to have such an awesome time...lov ya!


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