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Friday, September 19, 2008


The WEIRDEST thing happened to me yesterday! I was looking for dental floss. Yes, that's weird, but it gets weirder! I was upstairs in Kyndal's bathroom looking and when I turned around there was Spike laying in the middle of Kyndal's bed!! Spike has been MIA for about three months. I just stood there and stared! No words would come out of my mouth .. I was confused! I was really trying to make sure it wasn't just Clifford and I was seeing things. But, no, it was Spike! I said, "Spike .. what are you doing?" I petted him, and he was as chubby and healthy as he's ever been .. not a scratch on him. I thought, "Oh my gosh, has he been trapped in this house somewhere?" But he was so healthy and calm that I discounted that. Then I remembered that Eli and I had left the laundry room door to our garage open for a while so he must have come in then! He went downstairs and was kind of frantically running around like he was scared. I know what you're thinking ... Yes, it really was Spike, not a stray! I have a picture to prove it!

He went to the doors meowing so I just let him out. He stood on the back porch for a while and Clifford walked out and licked his face. Then Spike was gone and I haven't seen him again. He is apparently being taken care of, quite well, by someone else. I guess we'll just love on him when he shows up every few months. It was the most surreal feeling, though, like I was seeing a ghost.

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  1. Wish I could have been there to see your face!! LOL!!!


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