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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brynne's First Day of Preschool

There were tears, then sniffles, then weeping, then sobbing ... then Brynne told me to buck up and quit embarrassing her so she could go to school!!! Actually, I didn't cry! How could I be upset when she was so happy??? She was adorable and so grown up and so excited! She walked right into her class, let me take her picture by her cubby, and walked to a table to do puzzles. She didn't even know (or care) that I left. I know she'll do great. The weird part is being here in the house with just Eli. We haven't done this since he was 19 months old. It's strange! And he's in his room playing his xbox like it's any other day. It's just peaceful!

We actually have a busy day ahead! I'm going to try to do some laundry and then pre-prepare dinner so it ready this evening when everybody gets home. Dawson has an eye appointment in Tulsa at 5:00 so by the time we get back we'll all be hungry and I don't want to have to make dinner then. I'm hoping to go scrapbook for about an hour or so between taking Eli to school and picking up Brynne. We'll see how that works out!

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  1. Look at her...oh my..look out preschool....She is so adorable with that bag and mat...


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