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Monday, September 15, 2008

Olympics -- Owasso style

Friday evening we just hung out at home. With two grounded teens, what else can you do? Dawson got into some "trouble" at school so I had to ground him from Braden's Friday night. To him, that's as bad as losing your cell phone for a month!

Saturday we all went to church to participate in the Xtreme Times Olympics. We paired up our youth family groups for 10 "athletic" events. Most of the teams had made t-shirts and/or flags, wore crazy clothes and most painted each other's faces with "war paint." We started at noon and ended at 5:00 p.m. Most of the events were outside. Hurricane Ike hit us at about 2:00, so all of the kids were soaked! As you can imagine, they insisted on keeping the events outside instead of moving them inside. It was fun, though! Rick and I judged events, Eli and Brynne just hung out at the youth building, and Kyndal and Dawson participated in the games (although not too thrilled about it.) Kyndal is too cool to play games (she thinks) and Dawson is too self-conscious to play games. Dawson said he was miserable, yet having a good time .. whatever that means! When we got home we dried off and chilled out. The kids all went upstairs for the majority of the evening and Rick and I watched the movie, "Dan in Real Life". That's a really great movie, if you haven't seen it.

Yesterday was church and when we got home Kyndal, Brynne and I went grocery shopping. Rick and Eli mowed the yard. Dawson went to Braden's (finally!)

It was a good weekend.

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