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Friday, September 12, 2008


Eli woke up yesterday morning with a couple of "rash" spots on his face. With his sensitive skin I didn't really think anything of it. At 2:45 yesterday afternoon the school called and said he had a rash all down his back and stomach. When I got there he was covered. I had to make a doctor's appointment to show that he was not contagious before I could bring him back to school. It looked really bad! The doctor said it was just a viral form of hives caused by who-knows-what. He's itchy, but not contagious. It looked really bad this morning, but with some Benadryl it seems to have calmed down a bit.

Kyndal cheered at two games this week. It was fun to watch her. She is still grounded from her phone, so that's a bummer for her, but she's taking it well so no real problems. Progress reports come out for both Kyndal and Dawson today and according to Parent Portal they have all A's and B's. That's a great start! Their low grades are typical for them ... Math for Dawson and Reading for Kyndal.

Brynne had another successful week at King's Kids Preschool! She was given the first "award" of the year for being a good helper during clean up time. They learned about friends this week and made a friendship mix for snack yesterday. The friend she always talks about playing with is "Taylor" .. and she was quick to correct me that "Taylor" is a "him". Their favorite thing to play with is the cars. I know that shocks you all!

We were going to go to the zoo last night for member night, but it was pouring all day yesterday so we skipped it. I was bummed, though, because we could have ridden the train and carousel for free and they had behind-the-scenes talks with the bears, elephants and giraffes. The kids would have really enjoyed it. It was a "rain or shine" event, so we just plain missed it this year. Oh well!

Tomorrow Rick, Kyndal, Dawson and I are participating in our youth group's Xtreme Times Olympics all day. It should be entertaining!

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