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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Best

I think this may go down as being the best week of weather I've ever seen in Owasso! From today until next week it is supposed to be sunny, high of 81 - 83, nice south wind of about 10 miles per hour. WOW!!! I think we'll go to the zoo on Sunday!

My mom, sister and Rylee were down last night to see Kyndal cheer in Owasso's game against Union. Owasso beat 'em .. GO RAMS!! It was a really great game! Afterward Krissi did my hair for me. I think this may be the best color and cut I have ever had! I love it! She does such a great job, even from my kitchen! She's been working for a salon in Overland Park, Kansas, for the past year or more. Because of internal problems at the salon she decided to "go out on her own", renting a booth from another girl she knows. She already has a week full of new and old clients. I don't doubt for a second that she'll make tons of money and be very successful! Judge for yourself!

Kyndal got her cell phone back today from her 2-week grounding. She's not allowed to text for another two weeks, but at least she can touch her best friend now! She is also reporting a boyfriend! Dawson has actually had kindof a tough week at school, with some experiences with a bully and other acceptance issues. I hate that for him! Eli is having a great week! On Monday when we rounded the corner in the drop off line, he saw Mr. Clark and Mrs. Garrett (two of his teachers from last year) there to do monitoring of "their kids". Eli was SO excited to see them!! Brynne had another fabulous day at King's Kids yesterday. I just think everyday is going to be awesome for her!


  1. What a fine lookin Momma!

    It makes me really sad that Dawson is having "bullying" issues. I pray that resolves itself quickly. I just don't understand "mean". Why?

    Ozarks Pal

  2. LOVE THE HAIR!! I have an appointment on Oct 21st...I'm going short again!! I need to see your hair in person soon!


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