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Friday, September 5, 2008


This week has been a busy one! I'm working part-time for JBF now, so I've been so busy with that during the day! I've had a hard time keeping my housework up, which has driven me crazy! Just that and keeping the girls one day this week and church on Wednesday and cheerleading practices after school and sports physicals and eye appointments and dentist appointments and two different preschools and detentions and attitudes and groundings from cell phones, etc., etc., etc., I'M WIPED OUT!! Whew!! Kyndal and Dawson went for their annual trip to the Concordia fair. We're home just taking a deep breath this weekend after a crazy week. I'm looking forward to finishing a book and watching my dvr'd shows. I really hope to not leave the house until church on Sunday.

Eli has started this "crying" business when I leave him at school. Rick told him if he could be a "big boy" yesterday and today that he could get the xbox racing game that he wants. He did it!! Rick just got home so he'll get his game in a minute! Brynne wore a shirt the second day of school that said, "Preschool Rocks" in pink rhinestones. That pretty much sums up how her week went.

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