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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Car Game

I seriously wish I would have been recording Eli when Rick got home from work yesterday! He was told that if he was a "big boy" going to school on Thursday and Friday that Rick would buy him the racecar game he wanted for his xbox. As soon as Rick got home he started kindof jumping up and down and running in place (so excited!) saying, "Did you get my game, did you get my game?" Rick handed it to him and he just hugged him and me and said, "Thank you, daddy! Thank you for getting my game, daddy! Thank you for my game, mommy!" He was ecstatic! Then he looked at Rick and said, "That's what I've been working for." It was so sweet! And, for him to acknowledge, at age 4, that he had worked for something and been rewarded, was a big deal to me! It was awesome!

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