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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Felt balls

Goodness Gracious .. so much for "Humdrum"! It has been crazy! Things have kicked into high gear with my JBF job, on top of preparing my clothes to sell in the sale. I have marked, so far, 184 items to sell! It will take me all of my spare time in the next week to get the items hung on hangers and tagged. But it is so worth it when the check comes in! Kyndal cheers at two games this week, Dawson had Boy Scouts last night and is going on a campout this weekend. Tomorrow is SYATP (See You at the Pole) .. prayer at the flag poles at school first thing in the morning. Then tomorrow night we have our "See You at the Party" event at the high school, so it will be a late night again. On Thursday, I'm taking Kyndal into Tulsa to meet someone to go to the Taylor Swift/Rascal Flatts concert, then coming back to her open house at 5:40 and then Eli's open house at 7:30. I have a jewelry party to try to fit in there somewhere. SO FAR, Friday is calm. I hope it stays that way because that may be the only night I have to prep my clothes for JBF. On Saturday Rick and I are going to see the movie "Fireproof" with Matt and Steph and then out to dinner .. CAN'T WAIT! It's just a crazy week!

Yesterday Brynne had "homework". She had to decorate a family tree. I smeared glue all over it and gave her silk leaves and flowers and some fuzzy balls and some little, tiny felt balls to stick all over it. She did such a great job! But, about an hour later she came up crying and said, "I have a ball with glue in my nose!" Yes, she did it! She stuck one of those felt balls up into her nose. It was making her sneeze and I tried to get her to blow, but she just kept blowing out of her mouth. While I was gone last night Rick said she sneezed in the kitchen and said she blew it out. There was a pink ball on the floor and she swears that was it. But, there were a few still on the floor from doing her project, so I can't be sure. What is the fascination with sticking things up your nose? Comment back if you have had an experience with this. It should be funny!

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