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Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet the Teacher

Last night Brynne FINALLY got to go to "her school" and meet her preschool teachers! She starts school next Tuesday and has been so excited she can't hardly contain herself! We were one of the first in the classroom and dead last to leave. And, she cried then! When we got there she said, "You and daddy go bye-bye and I stay with my teachers." She was annoyed that we were sticking around! Then she proceeded to do every puzzle and game with expertise. It was like she was saying, "Well, I'm done with this baby stuff, I'm now going to the next class!" Actually, she was having a blast! One of her teachers said, "Well, I see I'm going to have to get out some harder games for her." She was playing a matching game where you put the different animals on their habitat. She picked up, what we would call a mouse and said, "Where does the Chincilla go?" For those of you who don't watch Go, Diego, Go! .. that's a real animal. Rick and I just died laughing! She is every teacher's dream.

Kyndal had her first taste of procrastination at school. After school yesterday she said that she had a rough draft due today ... a 4 page report!! Of course she had been given that assignment several days ago. Luckily it was just a bibliography, and since she is her favorite topic it wasn't too hard for her. But it still took her all night. I'm just glad it wasn't a history report or something!

And, Dawson got a detention yesterday .. first day ever. Now, I'm not negating the fact that he deserved it! But, it was with a teacher who is very vocal about not tolerating any form of bullying. Dawson .. a bully .. funny! He said a girl had his pencil and wouldn't give it back. He jumped up and took her marker and she told the teacher. So, he got a detention. He was more than a little upset .. probably because he thought I was going to take his first born child. But, hey, you commit the crime you do the time. At least for this incident that's punishment enough for me. And, he actually went to the assistant principal after school to find out what he was supposed to do. Mr. Holderman told him he hadn't gotten a detention slip but would let him know if he did. How many kids would do that? Most would just hope everyone forgot.

Well, that's our exciting week! Kyndal and Dawson are going to the lake with Ron this weekend and the rest of us are just staying home. Of course we have tons of yardwork to do and I think I'm going to get my JBF stuff organized. With working for JBF now I'm afraid I might run out of time and not get my stuff marked.

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