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Friday, August 8, 2008

Miss Brynne Turns 3 !!!

Before we get to the star of the day, I wanted to mention that about 16 of us from church went out to celebrate the August birthdays ... me, Lori C., Deidra and Jessica. We went to The Melting Pot for dinner and it was FABULOUS! It was so fun to go out and celebrate with so many fun people! And, we had the added bonus of having Lori Smith visiting with us. Lori looked great and, thankfully, hadn't changed a bit! She's still as fun and delightful as she ever was! We love you Lori and miss you! Here's the only pic I had of me from the evening ...

Now on to what people really care about ... Miss Brynne turned 3 years old today! She started her day at about 7:45 a.m. and then Rick took her for a special breakfast at Daylight Donuts.

After they got home we started getting ready to go to our last visit to Big Splash for the summer. Before we went to Big Splash we went and got Brynne's picture taken at Sears with the "3" .. you know the picture. They were really cute and I can't wait to get them back!! Since I am dreadfully afraid Big Splash will not open again next year, I tried to take some pictures. Unfortunately, Kyndal and Dawson were always off playing so I didn't get any pics of them. And then my battery went dead so I got what I could.

Eli and Brynne had their usual great time. We spent the afternoon with Keli Pieratt, Finn and Arden, which was really fun. Our greatest time was at the wave pool with Eli and Brynne's new water rings. They "rode the waves" and loved it! Brynne got taken under more than once.

After Big Splash we came home for a spaghetti dinner, which was Brynne's choice. The birthday girl/boy always gets to pick what we have (homemade) for dinner. Spaghetti is her favorite! Rick arrived prior to dinner with a bouquet of flowers for the birthday girl (and some for mommy!!) Last week when she was asked what she wanted for her birthday she said, "red .. like Dora" (whatever that means). Then Kyndal asked her what she wanted inside her present, assuming she meant she wanted the wrapping paper to be red. She said "purple". But then she said she wanted flowers. They are on her dresser in her room. They are so pretty .. just like her. But, later in the night she said, "Where are the purple ones?" i guess she was serious.

Then she got her next gift ... a pink princess scooter! She immediately hopped on and took off! She insisted on going "higher" on the driveway. Against my better judgment, I let her. Picture this .. she was in her shirt she wore for her picture today, and no bottoms (I mean nothing, although her shirt was long enough you couldn't tell.) She took off down the driveway and immediately lost her footing and balance and crashed straight down to her chest and chin ... WHAM!! Oh, she cried .. but not for what you might think! Yes, it hurt! But, she was more angry about the inconvenience of getting hurt! I rushed her inside for ice, but she just wanted to go back outside to her scooter! But, she didn't want to go "high" anymore. And, sadly, I have the crash recorded. I will spare you.

A Hannah Montana card that sang "The Best of Both Worlds" and a new outfit seemed to heal her of her wounds. Then we came inside for brownies and The Birthday Song.

After a bath and watching the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance" ... and, yes, she thinks she can, and loves it ... she was off to bed. My little princess is sleeping soundly as we speak ... my big girl with her key and nudder key. I love her so much! What a perfect combination of baby and big girl. She makes me feel so old, but keeps me so young!

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  1. I love that she has a bow in...even while she is swimming! The donut pic is so sweet!! She is sooo precious!! So was that pic before or after the crash!!


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