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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bye bye bow!

Brynne had a traumatic event happen yesterday .. Lori Callery would feel the same emotions, I am sure !! :)

Kyndal was taking her potty at the youth building. She had on an adorable bright orange and fuscia outfit and her hairbow was a bright orange feathery thing with another fuscia and orange bow attached to it. It "was" quite a bow! When Kyndal lifted Brynne off the toilet, the bow fell out of her hair and into the toilet. The toilet was on auto flush and sucked it right up! Brynne started screaming, "My bow, my bow!!" Kyndal sat her on the sink counter and actually stuck her hand into the toilet to try to retrieve it! No luck! I was gone at the time and when I got back they met me at the car. Brynne was still upset. She kept saying, "I need a bow!" So, we ran to Primarily Kids to get her a new one .. actually cheaper than the gas money to drive home to get another one.

I'm whacked, I know! And look what I have obviously created!!!

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