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Friday, August 22, 2008

Lizard Update

Well, our second green anole egg shriveled up and died. I just don't think we're cut out to be lizard parents! Dawson has a potential plan for the next egg, if there is one. We'll see.

Yesterday morning when I went upstairs to get Kyndal and Dawson up for school, I looked in the cages and thought that Bandit was dead. I thought, "oh no, Dawson is going to be devastated and have to go to school after finding this out!" Bandit was just laying on his stomach, flat as can be, with his legs all behind him and was a funny color. I tapped the glass but he didn't move. I went in and woke up Dawson and told him and he jumped up and ran in there. He moved the mesh on top of the cage to reach in and touch him and he popped his eyes open. He was just sleeping! He's usually awake when I come upstairs, so it freaked me out! He looked that way again this morning so I guess he just sleeps like a log!!

You'll think this is weird, but Rick and I went to the pet store last night to buy crickets .. who would have ever thought!! While we were there we PURPOSELY went over to the lizard section and looked at them. Some really are cute when they are little! We even looked at things to put in their habitat! What is wrong with us?? Then we took a small detour over to the puppies and kittens .. always a mistake! There's this little male long-haired mini dachsund that I just love. Rick said, "Okay, if you and Kyndal get puppies then I get a new cat!" Good grief we may end up with about 20 pets!

Today is Dawson's picture day so I made him stand out in front of the house and let me take pictures of him. I'm too cheap to buy the school pictures! I just take them in their birthday month to Sears and buy the package for $9.99. Why have these pictures gotten so expensive? And when you have three kids ... I could spend $150 just on stupid school pictures!

This morning Eli, Brynne and I are meeting Deidra, Ava and Athena at Putt and Jump for some jumping fun. They will love it! Then tonight Kyndal and Dawson each have birthday parties to go to. So, the rest of us will just be hanging out, I guess! Fine with me! Rick bought Brynne and Eli each a child-size golf club so I am sure they'll just sit outside together and hit golf balls.

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