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Friday, August 1, 2008

The Birthday Princesses

My birthday was on Friday. My friend Kim told me that I got to be the "Birthday Princess" all weekend. Rick replied that I had been replaced. As you can see from the pictures, all taken at Miss Brynne's 3rd birthday party on Saturday, a new princess reigns.

Brynne had a backyard beach party for her birthday. This was her first birthday party and she was SO EXCITED!! She invited five friends, but one couldn't make it because he was sick. I don't know if he could have handled all of these sexy little girls in their bathing suits!!

The girls did a sun visor craft, that nobody was really interested in, and then we had hot dogs, chips and cheese sticks for dinner. After eating we gave sand buckets and shovels to each child and sent them to the sandbox to dig for seashells (thank you Dawson for burying them!) THAT was a HUGE hit!! They all LOVED the sand! Then we had set up two little pools and the water volcano. Everyone put on their swimming suits and hit the water. They had so much fun! We did a pinata that contained water toys for everyone to take home and then had cupcakes and snow cones (thank you Kyndal for fixing snowcones and doing the craft!) Each girl went home with a beach bag full of their goodies from the party. They were occupied the entire time and I really think they had a blast! I know that Brynne loved it. On Sunday afternoon she said that she wanted her friends to come over and play in the volcano. She'd like to have a party every day!

Grandma Aleta and Rylee were here all weekend to help us celebrate and the kids were thrilled to have them here. And Milton, Julie, Tommy and his new girlfriend all came for the party, as well. She received playdough, books, a swimming Barbie and Barbie car, some princess dress up stuff and a Dora Memory game (which she has played with continuously since she got it), a new baby stroller and a baby named Macy. (First she named it Acie after my parents cat and then she named it Brown because she has brown eyes. Kyndal helped her come up with a real name). She got cash from grandma and papa and Aunt Rhonda and a Little Mermaid doll from us. But her favorite gift was her musical card that plays "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". She's about worn it out!!

Overall it was a fab party! Brynne's actual birthday is Friday and we plan to go on our last Big Splash trip that day. She told us she wants flowers for her birthday, so I think her daddy is going to bring her some that afternoon and take her out for a special evening. She will love that!

As for my birthday ... hhhhmmmm ... I'm happy just focusing on her.

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  1. oh my, Rick might be right! But what a BEAUTIFUL princess she is!!



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