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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

Well, we had a really fun time at Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas! It's kindof one of those "one-time" vacations, but it was really fun! The waterpark had lots to do for everybody! Eli and Brynne rode every waterslide they were allowed to be on! My days of sitting in the baby pool at Big Splash are over! I'll be spending my time at the big slides now! Seriously!

It was fun to spend a few hours at the waterpark and then be able to head to the room for some down time. The room was really big and the kids really loved it! It had a cabin in the room where they slept and had their own t.v. The rest of the room was large so they had plenty of space to play. And it had a fridge and microwave so we could eat most of our meals and snacks there.

Dawson played a hotel-wide game called MagiQuest that kept him occupied. Without that, though, I'm afraid he might have been bored after awhile. There really is only so much waterpark you can do in a few day period. I'm glad we only decided to stay for two nights. I think we would have been sick of it if we would have stayed any longer. What we did was SO much fun, but we were exhausted and everybody was a little cranky by the end of the trip! And then we had a 5 hour trip home. It's amazing how the trip there is so lively and exciting and the trip home is dreadful! Why we let our attitudes get in the way and almost ruin a perfectly fun trip is beyond me! I know we are not alone in this, that all families do this, but it sure is a shame! That's certainly not what I want the kids to remember about a family vacation. I sure hope the fun times outshined the cranky ones.

Kyndal, Brynne and I took off on the second day and went to Grapevine Mills for some school shopping. It was really fun and we got some great deals on clothes! And, if you know how it is to shop with a picky teenager, you know that it can be grueling! But, Kyndal was in the mood to buy some clothes so we got most of everything she needs for school. That's a relief! Brynne picked out some fun stuff for herself, too, and I can't wait to see her in her new school outfits! Of course the boys could care less what they wear, so I had carte blanche in picking out their new clothes which is AWESEOME and fun! They'll be a stylin' group when school starts! And that's in two weeks and one day ... can you believe it???

Overall this was a really great trip! I think it's the first trip Eli will really remember and it was Brynne's first vacation with us. It's hard to plan vacations that everyone from ages 13 down to 3 will enjoy, but this was definitely a place where that was possible! We all have great memories that we will carry with us for a lifetime!


  1. I was going to call and find out about the trip but I read it on the blog. Good job!

  2. You're so right....we get so worn out doing something fun (vacations, Christmas, etc.) it's a let down when it's over....but trust'll be excited and ready to plan another trip soon.

    Your Ozarks Pal


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