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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life with a Boy

You know, life with a boy is just interesting! It's extremely easy in a lot of ways, not much on the drama side. But, dare I say "gross"? You just learn things you would rather not know. Dawson is taking a Field Biology class at the zoo. One of their projects yesterday was to dissect the vomit of an owl!! Apparently they have bowel movements through their mouth and what they cannot digest they expel. The kids digested it to see what they found. Dawson found a mouse's skull. Totally didn't need to know that! But, I have to say he's having fun and it has continued to peak his interest in animal science!

I guess it's because I see how quickly the kids grow up, or because this is the first summer we can easily do this, but we have just run and run and run all summer ... and school starts in 3 weeks! We have had some kind of activity almost every day. I am so completely worn out! I know it's my fault for scheduling all of these things. But, we can't say we've been bored. And Eli and Brynne are of the age now where these things are interesting to them and they have had fun. There have been numerous trips to the library, the zoo, swimming, Big Splash, the movies. But when I sit back and watch them all get books and sit at a table quietly at the library, or sit and laugh through an entire movie, it just makes me feel really good as a mom. They have actually learned some lessons in behavior this summer, too! I remember times when I would be envious of a mom with her kids at the library, with them being quiet and looking at books, and I was running in two different directions looking for both of my two and would find one climbing through the library shelves. Or a time when I couldn't even think about going to the movies without getting a sitter for at least one child. And who would have thought the day would actually come when I could SIT at Big Splash and watch them play. And to do all of these things without a double stroller!!! They are growing up so fast! Kyndal in the 8th grade ... Dawson in the 6th grade ... TWO JUNIOR HIGH KIDS! Eli in the pre-k program ... Brynne in preschool two days a week ... MY LAST TWO BABIES ALMOST IN SCHOOL FULL TIME! Wow.

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  1. It was good to see you at Big Splash today...time does fly, doesn't it? As for the "owl pellets"- I have dissected those with my class at school...we collected them on a nature hike and it is actually kind of cool (not as gross as you might think!!) and I totally agree about Jon and Kate- I watched that episode the other night and thought "Jon, Take up for yourself and quit letting her treat you like a dog!!!!" So, if we both agree, we must be right! :)

    ~Kim Dykes


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