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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy Busy

This has been an incredibly busy few days, although I don't feel like we have done anything out of the ordinary. I'm just tired! On Friday evening we had our Sunday School class over for dinner. There were about 20 or so people there and we had a really great time! It was one of those "parties" where you really don't have to do anything because everyone just chats amongst themselves. I think everybody had a good time. I know that we did! We look forward to doing that more often!

Then on Saturday Deidra and I went to the Affair of the Heart expo in Tulsa and out to dinner. That was nice to have some time away from home doing something I love ... SHOPPING! Rick thought, up until the time I got home, that we were going to some kind of seminar. He had no idea what he was funding! I think that's funny!

Yesterday Dawson was in a Field Biology class at the zoo, so Eli, Brynne and I walked around the zoo from 9-noon. It got up to 100* yesterday, so it was HOT! But, it was fun. We hung out mostly with the lizards .. big surprise, huh? We rode the train and the carousel. Then we came home and I took a nap. I was exhausted! Dawson had Boy Scouts last night and I ran some errands to get ready for our trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas. We leave on Sunday and are really looking forward to that. I think the kids will have a really great time!

This morning the kids and I went to the dollar movie to see Veggie Tales. That has become a really fun thing for us to do this summer. We go once a week, and the kids really seem to enjoy it ... especially Brynne. Eli doesn't care for the dark theatre and gets really upset if a baby starts crying. Since that happens often, he spends a lot of the time with his head buried in my chest. I still feel like it's really good for him to go, though. Rick's in New Orleans today so the kids and I are just hanging out tonight. Like I said, I am just really tired. I'm looking forward to putting the kids to bed a little early tonight and curling up on the couch to watch t.v. after they go to bed.

Now, I just feel like I have to make a comment that I am sure will make me unpopular. But, since I often do that I'll just go for it!! I don't know about anyone else, but I am to the point that I can hardly watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 anymore! Now, I don't have 8 kids, have never had 8 kids, never will (God willing), and have no idea how stressful it must be. However, I am not sure I can continue to watch the show when Kate spends so much of her time treating Jon like a useless dog, if that. And she really makes no excuse for it but to say "that's just the way she is." On this week's episode they were revealing their best and most embarrassing moments on the show. Every embarrassing moment was her treatment of Jon and her response every time was ultimately that it was Jon's fault that she treated him like that. Then she would go on to lecture him about it. I've been getting kindof annoyed with it, but on this episode it really started to wear me out! Sure I don't talk to Rick like I should, always. But I have enough sense to know that a lot of times when I talk unkindly it's my fault, and not his. I feel like she uses the kids as an excuse to being a jerk to her husband. I don't expect her to change, necessarily, because we all have faults that we wish we could somehow overcome. But she doesn't even admit that she has a problem, really. She just blames him and uses the kids as an excuse. She has such a forum and people tend to worship her (I know I have been guilty of it). But this just reminds me that I have to be careful about who I look up to. Bottom line, I just need to remember that she is a woman who really tries to be a good mom, who appears to treat her husband like crap most of the time (and maybe that's just editing, I don't know), and just because she endorses something or says you should so something one way, doesn't mean I should follow it or do it. Why am I rambling about this, I don't know. I'm just starting to have feelings toward her like I have toward Oprah. Oh boy.

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