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Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

I LOVE 4TH OF JULY! We have the best time in my hometown of Windsor, Missouri. Farrington Park has been the host of the 4th celebration for over 100 years. It's one of the only rock-solid traditions my family has and the kids love it! They won't let us go on vacation or anything during that time because they don't want to miss it! The kids made t-shirts a couple of days before ... aren't they cute??!! They participate in frog and turtle races, egg races and tosses, water balloon tosses, watermelon eating contests and cardboard boat races. Even the adults get involved! Dad and I won the egg toss against about 50 other couples. We had to end up throwing the egg about 50 yards ... seriously! Eli got 2nd in the egg race. He was so excited! Brynne and Eli hopped in the sack race, and were the last two across the finish line, but they were SO CUTE!! Kyndal won most of the races she was in, as always, and was in the finals against all boys in most events. The highlight was the cardboard boat race Kyndal and Rylee were in this year. Papa made them a boat that looked like an outhouse (since he has a port-a-potty business) and they called it "The Poo Canoe". They didn't win in fastest times, but in the heat they raced in they were neck and neck with another group of teen girls and beat them by just a few seconds! It was exciting! Kyndal was a monster out there ... rowing like crazy! They kept their boat afloat and were able to maneuver it to the finish line! There were about 200+ people there to watch it, so it was exciting!

We spent our whole week relaxing and swimming and just having fun, like always when we're here! I even managed to read TWO novels! It was an awesome week!

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