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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bandit and Camo (the mama??)

Here is a picture of Bandit.

Now, when we got home from the dentist today, Dawson learned something about his little Camo the anole. Apparently, he's a SHE! She has laid an egg! She was really stressed and dark brown all of last weekend, remember? Then all of a sudden the last couple of days she has been all over the cage, neon green (which is her happy color), appearing happy ... but all of sudden skinny. No wonder! Hopefully the picture I try to download will come out. She's on the plant and the egg is on the ground in the bottom right part of the picture. You'll have to look closely. Dawson is trying to learn how to care for the egg so he can hatch some babies. She is supposed to lay an egg every week or two for about 10 weeks. Then in 30-45 days we should have babies. We'll see.

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  1. Eli does look so big! Tell him I am proud! Dawsons animals are very interesting . Glad they are there.


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